Steelers Rookie Spotlight: Javon Hargrave

SteelersWhen it comes to rookies, it’s clear that Javon Hargrave of the Steelers is one of the best. While people originally were concerned about his lack of competition in college, these concerns are starting to diminish. Even though he’s only played 3 preseason games, it is already evident that his talent is translating to the NFL.

Out of South Carolina State, Hargrave was known for his quick hand usage, his quick first step, his incredibly nimble feet, his pass rushing upside, and his impressive lateral movement. These qualities made him appealing to Steelers because they were searching for an athletic nose tackle.

Hargrave’s first step is catching many spectator’s eyes, but his hand usage is just as incredible. He is able to get off the ball quick and he can easily to swim over his opponents. This hand usage is what make Hargrave such an exceptional pass rusher.

Hargrave is also a very versatile player. He is able to line up as a 3, 1 or 0 tech. He has even been lined up in a tilted nose position a few times in this preseason. Regardless of where he’s positioned, he can use his low pad level and lateral movement in order to work across the blocking guard or any other players that are in his way.

When Javon Hargrave comes out of the nose tackle position, he create rare results in the best way possible. Hargrave has clearly demonstrated his ability to anchor in the run game. He also adds to the team by providing the flexibility, speed and pass rush that is typically associated with a player who is lined up at a 3 tech in a 4-3 defensive front. This ability to adapt is what makes Hargrave such an asset to the Steelers.

The Steelers defensive line seems to have quite a knack for making hustle plays. Stephon Truitt and Cameron Heyward are known for their effort plays, and it seems Hargrave will be added to that list. Hargrave doesn’t only finish plays in practice, but also when it’s crunch time. He is truly a dedicated and hard-working player.

Javon Hargrave is not only a great player, but he is qutie possibly an indispensable talent. With his incredible versatility, he probably shouldn’t be kept off the field at all. Hargrave brings an extreme pass rushing upside to the position. When you combine this with his natural athletic ability, it becomes obvious that he should not be spending much time standing on the sidelines It’s pretty clear that Javon Hargrave will be on the field and that he’ll be making incredible plays when the season comes around.